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GoGrowWithLove is a non for profit social enterprise led by women.

It began from a journey of a mum who wanted to be a role model to her son.

'Women Birth, Nurture and Feed Nations'

Our Mission

Contribute to humanity in a positive way by promoting

ancient ecological knowledge to support sustainable food systems for generations to come.

Our Ethos

Traditional African philosophy is the foundation and ethos of GoGrowWithLove


Sankofa farming

Akan tribe

  (return, go, see)

  "We must continue to go forward as we remember and

honour our ancestral past and plant a seed for the generations after us."


Ubuntu comeUNITY

Ngni Bantu tribe


"I am because we are."

About your Soil SiStar Sandra,
Creator of GoGrowWithLove

Known as Miss Dandelion by the children, I am a SOILSISTAR, a comeunity horticulturist and farmer.

I love to grow food and I love to teach children and families all about the magic of food growing

using natural, traditional and regenerative practices that give back to our land and environment.

"Spreading seeds of love is my mission".

Our Friends & Family

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