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Spring is finally here! Sow your seeds of intentions.

What seeds can you sow in Spring?

Spring season is a busy time in the garden, it's all go grow! Sow cut and come again crops such as kale, chard, spinach, sorrel, oriental leaves, calaloo and beetroots for constant yield and full summer harvest.

Sow catch crops like radishes, rocket and lettuce for quick growing. Plant onion and garlic for tasty crispy spring early shoots. Don't forget to chant go grow with love as you sow your seeds of intention!

Keep it simple.

Seeds are embryos and don't require rich compost, they contain the necessary nutrients in them. Hence why we enjoy eating some seeds as healthy snacks. A nice seed sowing mix is composed of coconut coir, peat free compost and a little perlite to support with moisture, drainage and aeration.

Have fun growing with love!

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